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Important Dates

July 31 midnight - team deposits, Sept 25 - remaining league fees due, Oct 14 roster of 6 members required.


UofR net height

We have reached out to our contact at the University as we have always had trouble with the height of the nets.  This is what we have received back:

'Yes, our standard setup requirement has always been 2.43m for your league.  I think there has been some confusion lately with net height.  Participants are complaining to our staff that nets are too high.  As a result, if that staff does the setup the following week they lower the height to appease those individuals. 

I will remind staff that 2.43m is the standard height and not to change from that.'


Please reach out to the MARVL executive if the nets are too low/high in the next few weeks until the end of our season. 

Thanks for your patience, much appreciated. 


The constitution is up on the web site, under "About Us" tab.  Please have your entire team read both documents. 

Spares and team players are able to register now, here on the home page.

Thank you.


If you require a receipt for work for your participation in volleyball, have your captain contact the executive to let us know your name and the amount each player paid for your team.  An official receipt will be sent to your captain to send to you.  Thank you.

UofR Facility Regulations

Take a look at the UofR regulations and safety procedures:


This is just a reminder. The University of Regina still requires masks to be worn unless playing volleyball. This means masks are required in the hallways, change-rooms and gyms when not playing volleyball. If you are a sub and sitting out your mask must be worn.

We understand that provincial and municipal rules state masks no longer need to be worn, but the U of R has their own rules, and we still need to follow them.

Here is some information we got from the U of R.

The University of Regina is working to ensure the health and safety of our University community by continuing to require masks in shared, indoor spaces and by updating our mask-use requirements for people coming to campus.
In keeping with the latest information from the Public Health Agency of Canada, the University considers the following types of masks as appropriate for use:
Single use medical masks or respirators (N95, KN95) are acceptable. An N95 or KN95 is recommended for those who may be at risk of more severe outcomes from contracting COVID.
Widely available, single-use, non-medical masks with at least three layers of tightly-woven, breathable material are also acceptable.
Cloth masks used alone are NO LONGER CONSIDERED ACCEPTABLE, although they can be used to double mask over top of a single-use, non-medical mask as listed above.
Face shields or visors are also not acceptable alternatives to wearing an approved mask
Community groups that have 100% vaccination rates within their attendees (participants, coaches, officials, spectators, etc) are permitted to offer optional masking for participants only during activity. Participants must remain masked during periods of inactivity (arriving to facility, breaks in activity and exiting of facility). Masks are required to be worn by all non-participating members at all times while inside of the building.

New Team Waiting List Registration

Registration Lists are under "Reports-Lists"

MARVL Payments

If you want to pay any amount to MARVL via credit card, please use the "Register" link below.  Administration fees are added and explained at time of making payment.