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Important Dates

July 31 midnight - team deposits, Sept 25 - remaining league fees due, Oct 14 roster of 6 members required.


2022 year

Happy new Year everyone!!!! Hope all is good.  Please submit your scores either via email/app/website to not have any warnings/infractions against your team.  Also we will need your rosters submitted as well.  


The constitution is up on the web site, under "About Us" tab.  Please have your entire team read both documents. 

Spares and team players are able to register now, here on the home page.

Thank you.


If you require a receipt for work for your participation in volleyball, have your captain contact the executive to let us know your name and the amount each player paid for your team.  An official receipt will be sent to your captain to send to you.  Thank you.

UofR Facility Regulations

Take a look at the UofR regulations and safety procedures:



Please review before you enter the university to play:

Ensure you and your team are fully vaccinated.  

1. COVID-19 REQUIREMENTS: It is a condition of the each player being permitted to enter and use the U of R that the player:

a. Has not travelled internationally during the last 14 days;

b. Has not visited a COVID-19 high risk area, region or location in Canada during the last 14 days;

c. Does not knowingly have COVID-19;

d. Is not experiencing known symptoms of COVID-19, such as fever, cough, or shortness of breath, and if the player experiences such symptoms during the Activities will immediately depart from the U of R;

e. Has not, in the past 14 days, knowingly come into contact with someone who has COVID-19, who has known symptoms of COVID-19, or is self quarantining after returning to Canada; and

f. Follows government recommended guidelines in respect of COVID-19, including practicing physical distancing, and will do so to the best of the User’s ability during the Activities. 

New Team Waiting List Registration

Registration Lists are under "Reports-Lists"

MARVL Payments

If you want to pay any amount to MARVL via credit card, please use the "Register" link below.  Administration fees are added and explained at time of making payment.

The Registration "Home" is not currently available.