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Important Dates

July 31 midnight - team deposits, Sept 24 (2nd week of play) - remaining league fees due, Oct 14 roster of 6 members required.



Executive consists of:  Danielle Swartz, Kassandra Quayle, Derek St Onge, Nathan Scherr.

Email us at:


Thank you for visiting MARVL (Mixed Adult Recreational Volleyball League) to learn more about us. We have been around for more years than we can even remember.  We play at the University of Regina (UofR) in the old gym.  We play in gym 1 and gym 2, that has 3 courts each.  Teams play every Sunday.  Teams only play 2 hours consecutively, according to the schedule.  Teams will play two different teams in that 2 hours.

In this league, there are 4 divisions, with 12 teams in each division.  There is A, B, C and D. Each division is a co-ed division, which means there needs to be a minimum of 2 females on the court at all times. The competitive level between the 4 divisions varies.  Division A is your highly competitive division ... more your university skilled division.  B division is quite competitive, but just down a little in skill level from the A division.  C is competitive, but not quite as skilled as the B division.  D is competitive, just not quite as skilled as C division.

Our league usually goes from the 2nd week in September to middle/end of March and a tournament first week of April.  We play the league in 2 half sessions.  After the first half, the top 2 teams of each division have the opportunity of moving up to the next division if they want. At the end of the 2nd half a weekend tournament is held for each division.

If you want to play on a team, please go to the Home page and click on the volleyball to sign up. There is a registration for spares and new teams alike. When teams are looking for a sub or require a full time player, you will be contacted. Our league is full, as we can only accommodate 48 teams per season.  Do click on the "New Team Registration" button on the HOME page. Any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at email:

Thank you for checking out volleyball.  We feel it is one of the greatest sports.  Great exercise and great people.  What more could one ask for.  Have a great day!!

Have a team that wants to join our league?

Teams must have a minimum of 2 of the opposite sex.  Team fees per team vary each year and can be between  $400-$700 (depending on the available gym times we are granted), plus $100 performance bond.  If you have a team and would like to join our co-ed league, go to the HOME page and click on the "New Teams Registration" button on the right hand side.  It costs nothing to add your new team to our waiting list. Welcome new teams.